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What We Can Do For You

We give you Peace of Mind by taking away the worry of a Breakdown to your Home Systems & Appliances
In an Emergency, one call to our 24/7 SafeClose™ claims line will repair the breakdown quickly with no hassles.
We also recommend service providers that give their clients SafeClose™ coverage as part of their services.

Warranty Coverage Services in Ontario Canada Coverage Services in Ontario Canada

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    SafeClose™ Home Systems & Appliance Warranty coverage for Homebuyers

    The last thing you need to worry about when buying a home is unexpected breakdowns to Home Systems, like a Furnace or Central Air Conditioner, and Major Appliances, like a Refrigerator or Stove.
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    SafeClose™ Home Systems Warranty for Home Sellers

    transferable to buyers, will help sell your home faster, get a higher price and give buyers confidence by providing added protection. Make your resale home more attractive to potential buyers by providing Home Systems coverage on your home.
    How We Can Help & Coverage Cost

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    Recommended SafeClose™ Service Providers

    RealProperty™ Transaction Centres Inc. Provides, as part of their closing package, to every resale home client with the SafeClose™ Bundle, Exclusive to the industry.
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    Realtor Services & Recommended Brokerages Offering SafeClose™ Coverage

    We support Ontario Realtors and provide them the means to offer SafeClose™ essential coverage to their resale Home Clients.
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