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Major Appliance Breakdown Coverage

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The definition of a 'resale home' is one that is ready for occupancy when the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is signed.
Re: The Home Systems and Appliance Breakdown Insurance (Interior Warranty) Coverage:
I am NOT aware of any circumstances which may prejudice coverage under any of the products being purchased;
I AM aware of circumstances which may prejudice coverage under any of the products being purchased.;

Canadian Home Shield SafeClose™ - Major Appliance Breakdown Coverage

Major Appliance Breakdown Coverage
Refrigerator Dryer Washer
Stove/Range/Oven Garbage Disposal Built-In Microwave
Garage Door Opener Sump Pump Dishwasher
Trash Compactor

A) One Year Coverage ($50.00 Deductible) $249.00
B) 6 Months Coverage ($50.00 Deductible) $199.00
**If a Seller Home Warranty is being purchased, please provide the Buyer's Name & Contact Info as it appears on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale:
Once the required form is submitted, we will finalize the transaction by calling you for your payment details. We accept the following cards: Visa and MasterCard.
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