Realtor Offering to Home Buyer(s)

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Realtor Offering Home Warranty to Home Buyer(s):

 The Real Estate Brokerage's SafeClose Home Systems & Appliance Warranty offered as an added value
incentive resulting in the acceptance and signing of a Buyer Representation Agreement.

Warranty Coverage Services in Ontario Canada Coverage Services in Ontario Canada

  1. 1

    Play the Real Estate Brokerage's SafeClose™ Home Systems & Appliance Presentation Video for Home Buyer(s).
    (If available)

  2. 2

    Give the Home Buyer(s) a Copy of the Real Estate Brokerage's 

    SafeClose™ Home Systems & Appliance Warranty Flyer. 

    Inform the Home Buyer(s) that the SafeClose Home Systems and Appliance Warranty will be purchased for them upon their Transaction becoming a Firm and Binding Deal.
    Download Home Systems & Appliance PDF


  3. 3

    Complete the online “Realtor Offering Home Warranty to Home Buyer(s)” email form and send to Home Buyer(s) to document the Offering. (Optional) 

    Realtor Offering Home Buyer Warranty Form


  4. 4

    Upon Email Acceptance of Realtor’s Offering the Home Buyer(s) will sign the Realtor’s Buyer Representation Agreement.

  5. 5

    When the Home Buyer(s) Transaction is a Firm and Binding Deal

    the Realtor will go to, and under the “Buy Coverage” Tab complete the “Realtor Order Form” and pay by credit card. Upon successful payment a copy of the policy will be emailed to the Client with a covering letter informing them that their Realtor, by Name, has purchased the coverage. The Realtor will receive a copy of the policy and an Official Receipt for Tax purposes.
    Realtor Order Form